“Alison was everything we were looking for in a postpartum doula. We owe a great deal of our positive parenting experience (thus far!) to her wisdom, her guidance, and her love. She made us feel like good parents, at every turn and with every new challenge. Because of Alison, we are more calm, more self‑assured, more well‑rested (!) and more accepting.”

— Marybeth and Ben, parents of Lucy

“Alison provided a wealth of knowledge and assistance to us when we welcomed our baby girl into our family. She’s endlessly patient, adds humor to a situation when a laugh is necessary, and helps you gain the confidence needed when parenting a newborn. What would we have done without her? We don’t want to know.”

— Ellen and Rainer, parents of Laura

“Alison had excellent suggestions for ways that I could bond with our newborn and support my wife immediately postpartum. It was such a relief to know my wife had the extra support she needed and Alison also helped me to feel empowered and confident when caring for our son. I will always be grateful to her for suggesting I might go skin to skin in the delivery room. It was an experience I will never forget.”

— Itai, father of Dar

“Would it be too much to say we would not have survived without Alison? My husband and I worked with Alison when our twin girls were born in April. They were my first babies so I needed a lot of help with the basics and support through the unknown. Things would get done around the house without my having to ask — laundry would be folded, bottles would be washed, and hot compresses would be waiting for me at my pumping station!! She made life easier for our first month at home — we are so grateful.”

— Amy, mother of twins Sadie and Mia

“When my wife mentioned she wanted to work with a postpartum doula, I didn’t even know what that meant. Having worked with Alison, I completely see the value in getting the extra help. My wife and I were so consumed with the babies that it really helped to have her support. It also made me feel more relaxed knowing Alison was there when I had to go back to work.”

— Greg, father of twins Sadie and Mia

“Alison was like an angel that came to us at a time that was very scary and overwhelming as a new parent. She helped us give our daughter her first sponge bath, and also taught me and my husband techniques to calm the baby. Alison even helped organize the baby’s room and closet. She helps calm the chaos within minutes of arriving. She’s amazing.”

— Alexis, mother of Riley

“Alison was invaluable after we brought our daughter home from the hospital. She made breastfeeding a breeze and relaxed us all so we could enjoy our little addition!”

— Heather, mother of Georgie

“Alison is amazing!  She is a wealth of knowledge with a terrific spirit. I was having a tough time breastfeeding my newborn, and as you can imagine, was extremely emotional. Moments after her arrival, Alison immediately boosted my confidence. She has a very calm and soothing approach, which I found to be just what I needed during those stressful times. We couldn’t have done it without her!”

— Beth, mother of Morgan