Alison Lehrer, PCD(DONA)
Postpartum Certified Doula

I was drawn to become a doula while in the midst of my previous career as a public relations executive in the entertainment industry. Although they might seem like polar opposites, both jobs rely on qualities that mean a lot to me: open communication, responsiveness to people’s needs, engendering calm in the middle of crises and earning the confidence of clients.

Ten years ago, I’d never even heard the word “doula.” But as soon as I learned about what a postpartum doula does and the important role she plays, I made a promise to my older sister: when she had a baby, I would give her the gift of a doula. Five years later, my sister and brother‑in‑law had a wonderful doula with them during and after the birth of their first child. That experience spurred me to enter into my own education. Two years after that, when my sister had a second child, it meant the world to me to be able to serve as her postpartum doula.

This initiation into what a postpartum doula can mean to a family led me to launch my own business: A Supportive Start, which for several years has been nurturing Los Angeles area families through the postpartum period. I have worked with many special situations — including multiple births, premature infants, adopted newborns, same‑sex parents and mothers with postpartum depression. In all cases, I see my job as trying to work myself out of a job by supporting the emergence of a happily rested, confident and bonded family ready to take on the adventure of raising a child.

I am certified through DONA International, the premier doula association in the world, and I am a member of the Doula Association of Southern California (DASC). I also hold certifications in adult, child and infant CPR and in First Aid.

I graduated from Tulane University with a BA in psychology. Originally from the East Coast, I currently divide my time between Los Angeles and New Orleans. In my free time, I like to run, play tennis, read and care for my two beautiful nieces.